Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Day Of Self-Care

I worked Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and am scheduled to work Thursday and Friday so here I am on Wednesday, off work and happy to be.

I have a shit load of things that need to get done and as I pondered the list I also thought about the things that would make me happy.

My nails need to be filed and colored. My toenails need another application of polish. I need to dye my hair. Laundry needs doing and eyebrows need a little maintenance.

I need to take a day and take care of myself.

Obviously a real day of self care would be doing no chores (haha) and letting someone else sculpt and paint my nails. But since I won't be budgeted to do that until about 2025, once these things are done then I'm going to be much happier in my own skin. (Which, by the way, there's less of as I weighed in at 211 this morning.)

So it's almost 10:30 in the morning. I had a huge breakfast and am drinking a second cup of coffee. I started my laundry and I'm going to go put hair dye on my head. Then I'm going to wash dishes and clean the kitchen. Then I'll wash out hair dye and shower.

My laundry will go in the dryer and Mollie's will go in the washer. I'll do my nails and write in my journal. My lunch is going to be Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup ice cream and a banana (oh my God, so freaking decadent!!)  I'm going to rearrange my desk again and take out garbage.

I plan on either napping and then taking a walk or vice versa. I'll work on my eyebrows at some point and probably watch some Netflix. Dinner for the family is leftovers and I'll have French Onion soup and crackers. I'll be completely on point for Weight Watchers, I'll have indulged in my day for me and tomorrow I'll feel pretty good about myself because I always love having my nails done.

I'm still waiting for my books to be delivered and I'm slowly reading Notwithstanding by Louis de Bernieres. I've loved his writing but this book is really stodgy. But charming Anyway, I don't love it but I'm also not hating it so I'm reading slowly.

Also I'm hoping I get a package soon of gifties. I joined a gift exchange on Weight Watchers called Share the Love and you get a random draw buddy to exchange weight watchers themed gifts with. Or gifts of encouragement. Anyway, my buddy and I exchanged one email and I don't really know anything about her so I sent her a box with low point crackers, candy, a journal, Kona coffee and hawaiian themed pads. I don't know, but hope, she sends me something.

Okay, that's my self care day in a nutshell. Time to smear hair dye all over my head and hope my forehead doesn't turn black.

Kisses to all out there that I love and admire. (And major pride and enjoyment in Willaful's wondrous journey. Girl, you stepped outside your comfort zone and not only have survived but were able to acknowledge and be in the moments that were hard. You are an inspiration!)

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  1. I'm so proud of you and your weight loss. :-) However, you know the old saying about plans - how did your plan for today work out? Fingers crossed, lol.