Friday, April 14, 2017

What I'm Watching

I know this should say What I'm Reading but I've been on Netflix more than my book library so whatever...


It's another season of past players and now there's nobody good looking to watch so sad for me. On the other hand, there's some great playing taking place and really strategic moves so it's turning out to be a good season.

The last episode was a shocker. Player Jeff Varner was on the chopping block and doing a last minute attempt to survive and he outed Zeke as being transgender. It was a horrible moment but at the same time there was something amazing in watching everyone attack Varner for betraying a trust and refusing to allow Zeke's secret to matter.

Jeff Probst, the host of the show, proved why he's so good at his job. He guided the conversation safely for Zeke, as well as giving him time to process that he was outed on national television. He made the situation less horrible... and it was damned horrible.

I can't wait till next week.

The Good Witch

This is a Hallmark Channel show on Netflix with 2 seasons. It stars Catherine Bell as Cassie, a sweet witch who has (I think) one expression (bemused beauty) and James Denton as Sam, the doctor neighbor who starts off a little crusty and by the end of season 2 is finally playing kissy face with the witch.

It's like a lightweight Harlequin. Sweet with a little romance, a lot of good looking people living in a perfectly picturesque town and enough saccharine to cause diabetes. But I like it. Problems are easily solved, it's removed from reality and my daughter labeled it "Kid TV".

The Santa Clarita Diet

This one is okay. I'm just starting to get into it after about 5 episodes. Drew Barrymore is adorable and the premise is cute. But I'm not sure it can sustain interest.

I do like the guy who plays the husband and his bewilderment at having a zombie wife.

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