Thursday, April 13, 2017


True story:

Left work early today because I could and immediately got on the phone with Carolyn so we could do what we do so well: talk.

We talked about food.
We talked about the weird hairs on our chins.
We talked about television.
We talked about food again.
We talked about politics.
We talked about each other.
We talked more about food.

After over an hour of conversation we realized a few relevant things:

1. We like to talk.
2. We obsess about food.
3. We no longer talk about romance.

We discussed closing the blog but Carolyn threatened to show the nude selfie I accidentally sent her (I was trying to send it to the debt collector who keeps calling -- that'll chase him away!!) so we agreed to keep the blog forever. (Forever is a short time under the Trump presidency. We should all be cockroach food within the year.)

But we agreed the blog should reflect where we are nowadays.

We're old. We fart. We do laundry.

Welcome to our exciting lives.


  1. I have some laundry for you... :)

  2. I hate change, but I completely get where you are at.


    So. Read any magic realism lately..?

  3. Oh Az, I have 4 books coming and one of them is Aura. I'm very excited.