Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Morning

Happy almost Easter to all of you who celebrate.

This morning on Twitter I saw a screenshot of the best exchange ever. It made life worth living:

GOP TEENS: What gun do you think Jesus would have liked?
ANSWER: A nail Gun.
GOP TEENS: Not funny. Blocked.

So welcome to Saturday. Laundry is started, dishes are done. I have hot coffee and I need to collect garbage and do a dump run.

I make dinners on Saturday and tonight I'm making Egg Roll in a Bowl with Cauliflower Rice. The egg roll is just browning ground pork with sesame oil and shoyu (I'll add garlic and onion cause it can be bland) and then taking a package of cole slaw mix and tossing that in and cooking to soften (but not too soft).

The cauliflower rice should be interesting. I bought a cauliflower yesterday and I'm going to grate it and then saute it in a little oil. It's supposed to replace rice and be tastier. We'll see.

I'm planning a long walk today. My brother showed me a great place to walk and I discovered that if you drive a little further down it's just as gorgeous but all paved. Easier on my old knees and I want to see if I can extend my walk time. I average 20 minutes and would like to make it 30.

I'm working on sensible goals right now. I'm 213 lbs (down 27 from WW start) and I decided to set a goal to get under 200 by the end of June. I've found an accountability buddy on WW, her name is Lindsey and I'm excited to make a new friend who is on the same path.

Yesterday I was tweaking (not twerking) a new budget system I'm going to try and as I worked on it, I realized that one of my major bills will be paid off in August. It just disappears off my payment schedule.

Oh my God. That is going to be huge.

So I'm kind of sparked right now.

If there's one thing I know, it's enjoy the positive moments because they don't always last. So treasure the happiness.

And happy Saturday.

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  1. Happy Easter to you, Carolyn, Mollie and all your readers. Here's to continued success for WW - well done xx