Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When Social Media Goes Hysterically Right

I'm not an Robin Thicke fan. In fact, I didn't really know him at all outside of being Alan Thicke's son (yes, I used to watch Growing Pains) and a cute music video from the Jimmy Fallon show. But a quick Google search when I first heard about him let me know that he was married to an actress named Paula Patton, that he cheated on Paula Patton and he didn't sound like someone I wanted to know more about.

Then apparently he did a song called Blurred Lines which is well, like he took a dump and turned it into a song. Seriously, go google it. It seems to be all about treating a woman as a piece of meat (like that's anything new, right?) and the Blurred Lines seem to be about consent.

Yes, nothing like a little rape to make a song more mainstream.

And in case you're wondering, Robin Thicke was the guy in the Beetlejuice suit that Miley Cyrus was twerking all over at that scary VMA performance.

So he's like in his late 30s and she's like 20 and she took all the heat for this performance and he manned up and.... oh wait, he didn't. He let her take all the heat.

And then later that night, he took this lovely pic with a fan:

If you can't see it, there's a mirror behind them and Thicke has his hand on her ass under her dress with fingers going where they most definitely don't belong.

His wife left him.

Do you think a semi-smart guy might recognize he needs to change at that point? Not Robin Thicke. He puts out an album called Paula, openly trying to get her back with songs about how she's his one true love... Okay, this is where I officially hate the guy. He's a pig. He's probably always been a pig.  But his wife has finished being married to him. Obviously. If he has to write an album begging her to take him back and she doesn't!!!!!! then it's obvious that it's over.

But no. He does a video where he actually uses her text messages to him. He does television appearances where he dedicates the performance to her and apologizes on stage for being a douche.

She's moved on. He's doing big, public gestures trying to make himself look like a prince. "Isn't that what women want?" someone asked. "The big, romantic gesture?"


Let me say this again. No.

There are no Blurred Lines here. A woman doesn't want to be publicly humiliated. A woman doesn't want to be used. A woman doesn't want pictures of her husband fingering a blonde after pretending to fuck a 20 year old blonde on stage.

A woman wants to say "that's enough" and have it end. She doesn't want to defend herself when she's done nothing to defend.

So what does this have to do with social media? Bless. Apparently Mr. Thicke's PR guys decided that the best thing to do was go to Twitter and open a dialogue with his fans, calling it #Ask Thicke.

Oh Twitter, how I love you.

Robin Thicke is getting terrible abuse on the hashtag. Maybe If he'd dressed less provocative & stayed sober it wouldn't happen?

  1. Train A leaves the station at 40mph and train B leaves at 55mph, how far is the judge going to order you to stay away from Paula

Do you have any plans for songs or music videos that don’t promote rape or stalking?

Is this brilliant or what?

100s of tweets to Robin Thicke sticking it to him for his asshattery. And the best thing? He deserves this. Not the hatred or suggestions he offs himself. But the knowledge that people see through his behavior and it's not okay.

It's not okay.

How often should I delete my internet search history? You strike me as a good person to ask.

  1. if a woman says no but 'you know she wants it'. How many years in prison would you serve for statutory rape?

  1. What's it like being the human personification of a mid life crisis?


  1. Wow!! Just wow!

    Oh, and also - Praise the lord!!

  2. "Then apparently he did a song called Blurred Lines which is well, like he took a dump and turned it into a song."