Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just sayin'

I don't want to overwhelm this blog with moving stuff so I'm going to keep a moving blog elsewhere.

Lori and Mollie

We had lunch today with Mollie's old 4th grade teacher. She's amazing. I loved being in their class because she has the class sing when they're doing class chores and she keeps them in a constant case of creating. It was Mollie's best year in school.

I'm about 2 boxes short of being completely packed. Go me!

Second book in the Hope series is coming along. Hard to write erotica but I'm slogging with it. I do ask Mollie for help. Just kidding.


  1. Gotta love teachers who makes kids actually want to be in school. I had a couple but then I moved so much it was hard to gain the benefit. Explains a lot now I think lol. Hopefully Mollie will find hte same after the move.

    That two boxes short line reminds me of the one about being a snag short of a barbie - not a good thing lol. Well done and here's to moving smoothly. Will check out the other blog post haste.

    Good luck with the erotica, and Mollie's imput... lol.

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