Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keeping Score

Moving sucks!

I was sitting on the couch this morning and feeling like I had a million things to do and no time to do it. (We move in a month.) So I made a calendar. Made a note of every single day and put down at least one thing to accomplish that day.

I had only about two weeks of entries. And some of those were pretty small.

Guess this is one time that moving isn't really sucking. The biggest obstacle is going to be getting all the boxes out and mailed. It's freaking expensive. And I'm choosing to bring more than I originally intended. My SIL Myrna and I have been talking and we're similar in our love of kitchen-ware so I'll be bringing everything I love. And I love a lot in my kitchen.

Finished Book One of my Hope series and its being Beta'd. Working on Book 2 now. It's Erotic Romance and I'm writing the first erotic scene (well, full out sex scene) and it's hard. But the story is so clear to me that I'm willing to suffer through the sex writing.

Not reading much. Nothing can hold my interest right now. Understandably.

Getting really good responses on my resume so I'm feeling upbeat about the Hawaiian job market.

And I just trashed the First Page over at Dear Author. My apologies author, but I've said before on this blog that Hollywood is just something I know something about. I hate when people write Hollywood based stories and they get it all wrong.

Do your research.

Don't piss off the menopausal bitches  ;-)

Anyone want a cat?


  1. It's been a donkey's age since I had to move and I gotta say - don't miss the packing and stressing but the idea of starting somewhere fresh, that's something I do miss.

    Sounds like you and Myrna are going to have to build a shed out back for the extra kitchen utensils lmao. maybe you could do that as a business - kitchen stuff by backyard sisters - ok, maybe not lol. It's late and I'm tired lol.

    I just saw your review of the first page. 24 and so accomplished? Couldn't read on. I don't know squat about Hollywood and even I couldn't believe it. Reading the reviews though reminded me why I would NEVER IN A PINK FIT submit something lmao...

    As to the cat.. no thanks. We have the neighbourhood strays caterwauling enough outside of a night thanks, without adding more. Hope you can find a home for him or her though.

    Good luck with the rest of the packing :D

  2. Poor baby.

    But you did a great trash job.

    Nobody liked anything about that piece. I read the remarks first and then thought, hmm, maybe I should take a look at the actual writing. Ended up skimming it. It was not only everything you and the others said, it was boring as hell. Not well written at all. Strange use of adjectives aside from the plentitude of them. Just read as very awkwardly written.

    This is the First Page where Jane said the queue is empty. I don't know whether to be happy or sad, lol.