Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's Hot... Let's Write

Seattle actually has a weather warning for this upcoming weekend. We're up in the 90s which is pretty damned hot for us.

Our weather tends to be pretty temperate so this kind of heat is unusual and very not welcome. (I know, I'm moving to Hawaii and endless summer but believe it or not, I don't remember it really getting unbearable that often. Of course everyplace is air conditioned. Here, nowhere is because we rarely get crazy heat.

Hell, it almost 5am here right now and I'm sweating. This is severely yuck.

On the bright side, this kind of heat guarantees that I'm spending the weekend in front of a fan expending as little energy as possible. So I plan to write.

I'm working on a series and the first book is almost done. However, I went back to the beginning and started filling in. When I write my first draft is skeletal. The story is bare bones.

As I got toward the end I saw nuances in the characters that hadn't been brought out. So returning to the beginning allows me to start adding the meat and some fat. I'm loving it because I haven't written easily ina  long time and right now the words are easy. And the hard parts are already written so I get to develop the characters more and add their deeper feelings. Who wouldn't love that?

And when this is done, book 2 s an erotic romance. I'm really excited about writing that. Well, writing more since it's already been started.

Book 3 is still going through changes in my mind.

Goal is to get the first 2 books out by my birthday.

Give me the heat fellas, I'm ready to meet it head-on at the laptop.

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