Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sales. Or Say What?

So we all hear about the self-pubbed or e-pubbed sensation who writes a book and it sells a million copies and then gets made into a movies and well, shit. You know the story.

That's not most of us.

I don't know the sales numbers for most authors but I'm willing to bet my experiences are closer to the norm that not. And let me tell you, I don't sell a lot. And by that I mean, if I sell more than 5 copies of anything in a month it's cause for celebration.

Imagine the surprise to see Letters From Greece selling this month. Not in the hundreds but about 15 copies so far. (Well, exactly 15 copies as of this moment.) I don't know why it's selling or how anyone knows about it but it's an awesome feeling to see the sales.

It isn't the money since the money isn't that much. But altogether this month about 25 of my titles have sold and that means 25 people are choosing to read what I wrote. 25 strangers choosing to give my words a try.

It's a rush.

We probably all fantasize about writing a 50 Shades but that's the fantasy. The reality is that even our own friends don't read us and I can tell you that my sister has never even bothered to buy a copy of anything I've written (my brother has and he even reads it, bless him).

Having people buy your books... it's amazing. I hope they like them. I really do.

They make me feel like my time writing is worth it.


  1. As a friend who DOES read your stuff, your time is anything but wasted. Hell, if I can survive Bodice Rippers, then everything else is gravy, abahahahaha. Kidding - oops.

    How cool though that you are getting sales, even a couple. If I hadn't hurled that piece of crap ereader out, I might have bought more copies but I have been spreading the word to family and friends, so fingers crossed :D

    Just remember though, when you and Ms Carolyn are in Greece for real, send me the odd postcard with a cheque for 5 bux in it. I'll need it for milk and bread.



  2. I'm still not happy. You should be selling more, if only by word of mouth.

    But, on the up side, I have ALL your books and they're verified Amazon sales. :-D