Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Plagiarism Accusation

Why do people who would NEVER steal merchandize like clothing or food, steal other people's words and don't consider it a crime? Stealing is stealing, right? Do we need some fines and/or jail time for plagiarism before people will start taking it seriously??


  1. Dang. Now I'm rethinking putting my work out on Wattpad. People can't plagiarize what isn't there...

  2. Bloody hell. It's enough to make you want to shake the shit out of them, slap them upside the head and then slam the keyboard on their fingers. Or is that too much? LOL

    Seriously, it's getting beyond a joke. Lori, I hate that you ahve to worry about this...How else will you get a feel for an audience if you're work isn't safe?

    Bollocks to them all.

  3. "Do we need some fines and/or jail time for plagiarism before people will start taking it seriously??"


    I'm sure you remember when copying someone else's words and trying to pass them off as yours actually *had* consequences. These days? *if* you actually get fired--like the BuzzFeed guy--someone else will think you have been wronged and hire you. Plus you'll have your fifteen minutes of fame.

    So yes, until there are tangible, negative consequences for plagiarizing, people will continue to do it, and be surprised, when they are invariably caught at it, that other people are "mean" to them.

  4. I'll never forget the feeling when Lori told me one of my books had been pirated to a torrent site. I couldn't believe it. There were no sales, so it was stolen.

    For a short minute I almost felt proud. Hey - someone thought my writing was good so they stole it. Unfortunately, that feeling didn't last long. I'm sure they don't read the material they steal; in fact, I'm not sure what their criteria is. But since sales are zilch, I don't really care anymore.

    I may put up a couple more books, but they'll be few and far between. The honeymoon is over and I was better at fan fic anyway. I will now write to please myself, even if that means one paragraph a month. I frankly don't care if the pirates are pleased, no not at all.