Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Nalini Singh has announced an UNEXPECTED new book coming out in September. Ah, the wonders of Facebook....

A contemporary, y'all! About a rock god with PIERCINGS!  o.O

Proof of Piercings

Someone please remind me when September gets here; I can't pre-order because I believe it's self published and pre-ordering is a self publishing no-no. Plus, my memory is shot and I'd appreciate the help.

A contemporary. My, my, my. Hey, maybe she'll write an unexpected MC book next! Now, thats a Oh Myyy!


  1. I'll remind you of Sept if you remind me of Dec, so I can go see the last Hobbit movie :D

    Piercings? Oh oh lol. I'm afraid to wonder where... LOL I only read the one of hers (after a recommendation from you) and enjoyed it. I need to get some more. Soon. Ish... LOL

    Just 31 days to go Carolyn lol

  2. Hmmm - I think we're both gonna lose with this arrangement. O.o

    Say, I need me a new cover, the one showing my DIY guy's back. Title: Second and Goal, author: ME!!! :-D

  3. Rock gods with piercings. Sign me up.

  4. LOL @ Lori ;D

    Carolyn, is this the cover you were gonna send me hte picture for? Send it on down and I will see what I can do for you :D

    I lost my DIY story. Probably a good thing lol