Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scams and Spams

This has nothing to do with books or writing...

I love Craigslist. For those of you not in the good old US of A, Craigslist is a website that is an old fashioned want ads. Every city has one and it's an awesome site.

From Craigslist I have bought my roll top desk, $30., three gorgeous flower paintings for my bedroom $75 and my milk glass chandalier $30. I've gotten more than that and I've also sold some things. We sold Mollie's old Barbie doll house for $50, her old DS for $70. We found a home for our suicidal turtle and I found my current job on Craigslist.

Obviously I use it a lot.

And just as obviously there are a million scammers on Craigslist. The most common are those who write and say they want to buy your item and then want to send a money order or paypal payment and have you ship the item. Of course both methods of payment are bogus so the money doesn't arrive (as in the paypal scam) or it's a bogus Western Union or check or whatever so you have to repay your bank and you're out of your item and the shipping fees.

The newest is now porn spammers and they're driving me crazy.

I have a ring listed on CL. So someone sends me an email (because the original emails are anonymous) asking if the item is still available. I reply and say yes. Now they have y email address. And now I'm receiving between 5 - 10 emails daily from different hotmail accounts trying to get me to sign up on different porn sites because my CL ad makes me sound hot (I guess if chubby fingers is your thing...)

Anyway, it has me considering not posting on CL anymore because the spammers have just become too much. I used to email them back and be rude but now I delete and get annoyed.

Damn it.

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