Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letters From Greece

Awhile back Carolyn and I decided to send our piece de shit, The Bodice Rippers, to a few pubs to see what would happen. The publishing world collapsed and everybody was forced to self publish their work after that.

So then we finally finially finished another story we wrot together, Letters From Greece, and we've sent that baby out too.

So far we have 2 publishers who have it in submissions. It was sent on July 8 and we're waiting. I think it's always good news when it isn't an immediate rejection.

Then again, Bodice was with Carina for 20 weeks before they said they couldn't publish it because they were voilently ill after reading it. So who knows what will happen this time.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Got all my bits crossed for ya and sending out good vibes, ladies. I loved what I read over on yonder and would love to find out what happens/ed.

    And did the other editors really become ill on Bodice? For shame, that's art if ever I read it.


  2. Yeah, but what kind of art? Lol.

    I think they just didn't know what to do with it; it didn't fit anywhere.

    I hope they got some laughs from it though. :-)

  3. I bet they did and it also makes the rounds at Christmas. They just said they didn't like it as it was company policy.

    Or not lol

    And how do they ever expect new ideas when they stifle works that can't be pigeon holed? Can't win.