Friday, August 5, 2011

Sorcery and Cecelia and Carolyn and I

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Carolyn and I first started writing, we wrote email stories which we loved and adored and oh yeah we still write.

One of the pleasures of writing the letter/email stories is that you're writing with your best friend, it's just like getting letters for real and if you're lucky you get a moderately decent story out of it.

Or you get a Bodice Rippers but that's okay because it might forever be the funniest thing we ever wrote (available on Amazon for 99cents Kindle and more money than it will ever be worth in paperback).

So then Carolyn sent me a book called Sorcery and Cecilia which was written by 2 women that I can't be arsed to check their names and it's the same kind of story. Two women writing letters and having adventures. All in letter form. And I said, "meh, already done this ourselves."

Actually the book was enjoyable and although there were a couple of things I didn't adore, overall I'd give it a solid B grade and suggest it to others. But what really turned me on about the book was the afterword. There the women described the writing process and how it was a game to write. They didn't discuss the plot or plan it together ad it was a stump the author kind of book.

I love that. **happy sigh**

So poor Carolyn has found a very interesting letter in her email this morning and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. I do so love to play stump the southern belle.


  1. Oh geeze - here we go again, lol.

    I shall have to cogitate mightily and see if I can't channel some of my past. 1950's? Really?

    Geeze ....

  2. **Doing Snoopy dance**

    I absolutely lurve your email/letter stories and look forward to this one. It will be a story to share, right?

    **Crosses fingers and hopes**