Thursday, August 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

* Lori has a sick computer and she's retreated to her iphone. This is not a good thing, because who wants to write on an iphone? Let us all think positive thoughts that her laptop isn't terminal.

* My SO is finally working! Jump up and down with joy, y'all. I am.

* Lori and I have a co-authored book submitted to a few pubs, and were not so busily working on another before the Great Laptop Crash. I really like this new story and since the first only took us three years, I have high hopes for this one. We are 'discussing' the title. Heh. Did Lori already tell you this? Well, pretend you never saw it, I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel here ...

* I'm looking forward to several upcoming books:

Angels of Darkness, an anthology with stories by Meljean Brook, Ilona Andrews, Sharon Shin and Nalini Singh. It releases in October.

One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost, the next Night Huntress book. That will be available August 30. Woo hoo!

Fate's Edge by Ilona Andrews. Not until November. :-(

I know there's more, will have to make a list and post later.

* It seems TL will make her debut in October, October 3rd, to be precise. This Old Fart had a brain fart or something. I should be embarassed, but I'm not, for some reason. Maybe I think like TL - tomorrow's another day. And us Old Farts have learned delayed gratification - what choice do we have?

Okay, I'm wrung dry. It's been the week from hell, and I'm tired and hungry and dinner is served. :-)


  1. Sending positive puter thoughts to Lori - tell her pen and paper are the way to go, not the Iphone. By the time she taps in the letters, she could have had 10 pages written.

    Tell her I can ring her and take dictation if that will help - I have a little skype credit left and looking for someone to chat with...


    Don't know what an SO is but yay for it working.

    Is the new story similar to Greece or something else? I don't care, I'm happy to read it whatever it is. Good luck and hopefully the puter faeries will help Lori asap.

    Have marked Oct 3 in diary :)

  2. SO is 'significant other'. :-)

    Looks like the new collaboration will take as long as Greece. It's a email one, even if they have unusal ways of delivering the mail, lol. It involves dragons and bad tempered witches, and I'm liking it a lot.

    We'll get down to business soon, I hope. It's mainly to amuse us, we have no deadline. I like writing like that. :-)

  3. They're my fave too, so can't wait to see. And you know I love dragons and stuff.

    As long as Greece, huh. I 'spose I can wait. Just expect a nudge or two lol.

    And thanks for the SO clarification. I knew that...