Thursday, August 4, 2011

Almost to the Finish Line

TL, of The Trials and Tribulations of a West Coast Southern Belle, has been primped (that's with an R, y'all, don't overlook the R!) and polished and is now ready for prime time. Can't wait until the 15th!

To celebrate, I added a long excerpt to my 'official' site. I hope you'll check it out, see if TL might tickle your reading bone. :0)

Well, I just previewed and I see the links still aren't working. I'd say it was me and my lack of techy know how, but Lori is having the same problem. We must have upset the techy gods somehow.

The fact remains, it's very inconvenient for any readers who might happen by, and I do apologize.

I also hope you'll still check it out, lol.

Edit: OMG! It works!!! I guess you have to go 'live' to make it work. Well woo and hoo! I made a link! *grin*


  1. Well done Carolyn :)

    On the link and the book...

    Looking forward to the 15th so I can add the 'official' story to my growing collection of yours and Lori's stuff. I might need to speak to y'all about a book soon...

    Congrats again.


  2. Now you'll have to show me how to link officially since I haven't had it working in ages.

    I LURVE TL. I can't wait till she takes over the world.

  3. Thanks y'all - this hit the spot, I needed some encouragment. :-)

  4. Anytime I can be your cheering squad, let me know.

    You and Lori encouraged me so it's only fair I give back. Happy to do so :)

  5. Appreciate it, Lea.

    I'm also glad I have a backlog to work on, lol, cause the Muse, she is aroamin'. :-(

    Um - it's not a back log, is it.


    Well anyway, old ideas with new writing. It's my new style. :-D

  6. Don't they say everything old is new again? Well, you'll fit right in.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the backlog/hoe. Your Muse must have skipped out with mine... hussy lol

    Any idea what's next to be transformed?

  7. Working on the first Defenders. Complete rewrite. But I like the basic idea of the story and hope to toughen it up for the real world, lol.

    If it takes, then there's the other two. I don't think Quatrain will need nearly as much rewriting. The problem with these stories is making them stand-alones, so that a reader can understand the world and the characters without reading the other books.

    Ambitous? Yes. But I've nothing better on the burner so why not try? It keeps me busy, lol.

  8. Excellent! Can't wait.

    I did start that one but never finished... oops :) Maybe that will be a good thing, when I read hte new one, I won't have any pre-conceived notions.

    If you need a hand, let me know. I'm free, except for a bit of crocheting and reading lol