Friday, August 26, 2011

In Other Words

Yesterday my group feeds were exploding from some yak editor who did a blog post of the 10 words that editors hate and among the words were: love, spirit, forever, heart.... you know, romance words. Of course all the romance writers were all screech and daggers out.

I guess on Twitter someone guided Angela James, exec editor of Carina to it and she laughed at it and said no doubt someone was joking.

Got me to thinking though.

My daughter is ten years old. We've been really having a great summer and we've been able to concentrate a lot recently on ourselves. Not just hanging out but also we've been shopping for fall, getting our house more put together and having fun. And my daughter is so appreciative. Super appreciative. Annoyingly appreciative.

She thanks me constantly. Such as: last night we went out and I decided on the spur of the moment to go to a local arcade to play games and have dinner. We did arcade games, did a 4D movie, had burgers and salad and hung out till closing. She thanked me for dinner, she thanked me for surprising her, she thanked me for playing, she thanked me for the fun ad nauseum.

I finally asked her to stop saying thank you and she told me she likes saying it. Okay. So I thanked her for being so appreciative and we went on with our night. And later I told her that I love her and being with her makes my heart full. And I finally realized why my daughter was thanking me.

My daughter thanks me because it's her way of saying I love you. She's at that age where she doesn't want to be a baby and hang all over her mama and say the words but she totally is my baby and wants to hang on me and say those words. So instead she leans against me to look at what I do, she tells me she's afraid of something when she wants to get cuddled and she thanks me because she wants me to know she loves me.

I get it and I love it. I use the words heart and love and forever. She uses other words. It all means the same thing.

And by the way, the "editor" who wrote that blog post is still a stupid bitch. Just sayin'.

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  1. A lot of writers would be shut down if they followed that editor's guidelines. Including some very well known names.

    Some people are just too full of themselves. Without 'love', 'spirit' and 'heart', are we still human?

    I gather this wasn't a romance editor ... please say it wasn't a romance editor .