Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh My Goodness Carolyn!

Stop buying books! My poor Kindle is groaning from the weight of your mighty credit card.

However, if you plan on buying books then more like The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen. Oh my gracious, that was an excellent book.

I love Miss Allen anyway since she wrote Garden Spells which is on my all time best books evah list. Sugar Queen was delicious and The Girl Who Chased the Moon wasn't my fave but this is oh my.

Peach Keeper was a little of everything but a lot of the romance. And not the kissy romance but the people getting to know each other and their souls are lighter because they're together romance.

A little like you and I but with less kissy noises over the phone. j/k

I devoured the damned book. Like a juicy peach, dare I say. Gobbled it down with words dripping on my chin and when I sucked the last bit from the pit and licked the last little dew drop of juice ... hell, I was almost tempted to start reading it all over again.

Forgive the bad metaphors and all Carol. This book was just such an amazing delight and Miss Allen has such a fan girl in me that I can't help but gush.

Love ya Red,


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