Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

It's hating on the women time.

So some literary fiction author won a Pulitzer and then put down chick-lit which turned into a free for all with those who love genre fiction being upset and those who don't being snobs and no matter which way you turn it's all the same: hating on the women.

I swear to God, if you have a vagina someone wants you to feel guilty. You like romance? Guilty! You have a dirty mind? Guilty! I'd be afraid to admit that doing laundry give me pleasure. I might be thrown into jail, for heavens sake!

I just read a rant that a woman wrote and she had the gall to suggest that chick-lit is a term embraced by those readers and authors of the genre (I thought we were calling it women's fiction these days). Then the writer trashed Jennifer Weiner something awful because she has the gall to write well, not be embarassed by what she writes and having a name that the author in a third grade attempt of juvenile petulance, mocked.

Carolyn dear, feminism is dead. And it was killed by women.

I'm glad whoever it was won the Pulitzer. I really am. But I wish she hadn't put down other women. It feels like she's all excited to get into the boy's club and now she wants to put down the women who weren't allowed in.

And I'll tell you something else. I love chick-lit/women's lit more than I love literary fiction nowadays. And it isn't for the escapism value. I love it because it's a blend of humor, drama and romance wrapped up in an adult voice that I can relate to. I like it because I like it. And I don't need some pretentious wonk telling me to aim higher. If I aimed any higher I'd probably stick an arrow in God's eye.


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