Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Lori

What I am about to tell you will have you shaking your head and looking over the top of your glasses at me in disbelief. I know this, and yet I'm gonna say it anyway.

I've discovered a new series. *grin*

Yes indeedy, after much searching and some agonizing, if not downright traumatizing, reads I struck gold. The best part is, there's already seven books. :-D

The series is World of the Lupi by Eileen Wilkes. I gobbled up book one, Tempting Danger, devoured book two, Mortal Danger, and am about to finish book three, Blood Lines.

Why these books? Damned if I truly know. I like both the main characters. I like the secondary characters too. I like the world she's built - there's a faint resemblence to Ilona Andrew's Magic books, but nothing overt. Magic is returning to this world too, just not in as destructive a fashion. Also, while there are other paranormal creatures, so far the author is concentrating on the Lupi and their main adversary is She who must not be named and various and sundry demons.

I like the way she used the mate bond; it's purely physical but there's room to fall in love. When it first hits, the couple can't be too far away from each other, which makes things rather interesting, since Lily's a cop and Rule is the heir to his clan's leadership. The different magics she describes and uses are fascinating too.

I guess is all comes back to voice, that thing that's so hard to pin down. I've seen other attempts along these lines that left me cold. And bored. I just didn't believe in the world. Someone writing these books has to be good enough to suck in the reader, have her believing that, yes, it could happen this way, it all makes perfect sense within the confines of the laws of that particular world.

Good writing helps too. This is some good writing. It flows.

I'm reading these books too fast; soon I'll run out, but I can't slow myself down. Damn Kindle! I know, as soon as I finish the third book, I'll be downloading the fourth.

I'm so easy. Weak and easy. And fortunately plumper in the pocketbook than I usually am, so what the hell.

Luckily the other half doesn't know the password to the bank account,lol.

Hopefully you'll try one of these books, or the Magic books one day. They really are amazing.

But if you don't, I'll love you anyway. ;-)


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  1. I love this series, too, and am happy to see another reader climb aboard. Lily's grandmother was quite a surprise and one of the things I like is that I'm not completely sure what will happen next.