Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Lori

Has the Kindle killed my writing career?

Perhaps, perhaps.

The town I live in has no bookstore, never has, not really. I was in a lot of book clubs, the ones with the undersized hardbacks and that should have limited my buying, but somehow it didn't. Probably because I'd forget to decline the monthly selection. *sigh*. It got to the point we had to have bookshelves built to hold all those books.

Then Amazon came along. I don't remember how long it took me to find it, but when I did ... oh lord, I was in heaven. Paperbacks began to abound in my house. There was no room left at the inn, not even in the attic.

That slowed me down and around that time I began to write. For some years, that was my passion and I read very little. But that was okay, because I was creating my own stories, for my own pleasure and I was content.

Then along came the nefarious Kindle. The one click wonder. The self gratification guru. I began to read voraciously again and my output of written words declined to almost zero.

Now - the problem may be that I'm old. It may be that I'm in some sort of cycle. For sure I'm not looking at writing as my main career; I'm hoping like hell my next career will be retirement.

But I have to hold the Kindle to some of the blame. Kindle and all of its free books.

Well, that and my lack of willpower. Bad me.

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  1. Blame the Kindle! I blame Amazon, B&N... and of course, *sigh* myself. :)