Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I was lying in bed this morning playing with my new phone. Yeah, I joined the ranks of big weenies and got an iphone. And I loves it. Loves loves loves it.

Technology is so damned awesome.

Anyway, I checked email in bed and played on Twitter and listened to my daughter's songs which all seem to dirty... whatever happened to The Partridge Family anyway?

But I got a text from my brother. He's a Tom Clancy kind of reader. A little sci-fi for fun but he loves those books that have military and exploding things and all that sort of thing.

Bless his heart, he texted me that if I don't have a new book out soon he'll be reading Harlequin soon. I laughed my rather large ass off. I've converted him and I'm so proud.

So just for my brother....

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  1. Lori darlin' - your live link is dead. :-(

    It's copy and paste time, people, cause I can't even do a link that looks live.

    It's weird, I taught myself how to do it on my 'official site' (which doesn't have anything to put on it, so this is not a plug), but I can't figure it out here in Blogland.

    Anyway - congratulations on your new release, Lori. It's a humdinger and I'm so damn proud of you. ♥