Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear Lori

I've decided to buy the Magic books by Ilona Andrews in e-form. I don't know if PB books are put together more cheaply these days, but my copy of Magic Bleeds is already falling apart, which is a bummer because so far, that is THE book in the series.

You might think that excessive rereading is to blame. You would be wrong. I don't know the correct terminology, but the first 'split' happened during the initial read, and I'm not one who bends her books backwards. A second 'split' appeared during the second read. I wonder if they used bad glue?

Anyway, that's the book where Kate and Curran finally get straightened out regarding their relationship. I'm sure it will have many more reads *grin* and so I'm making sure I'll have a book to read! I'm not in a hurry to buy, but just giving you a heads up.

In other news - had more proof today I'm a genuine Old Fart. Took the morning off to go to the dentist (and they count it as vacation time or sick time, your choice) and discovered my appointment wasn't today. Senility has set in.

Shit. I'm off to read Magic Bleeds again.

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