Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

Well look what I get to share. The cover image for Sugar B's Back in Town. She'll be released in June by Lyrical and this cover has me swooning.

I am trying to understand how I ended up writing a southern story when I've never lived in the south and your debut novel is based in England and we all know the McCulloughs are banned from international travel until 2024.

Guess that's part of what makes us writers.

I won't be very much fun this weekend sweetheart. I'm finishing the line edits on Sugar and getting a last round of edits done on Hot, Hexed and Bothered (no, don't ask) so I'll be locked away with my own words and a buttload of Cadbury chocolate.

Thank you Cadbury.

I'm also going to get my curtains hung, my lamp hung, find a man who's hung... wait, scratch that last one. But not too hard, he's sensitive. Just kidding. This weekend should be very busy and hopefully have good things accomplished.

Right now though I'm going to stare at my cover a bit more and be thrilled. Those are some good looking people. And that's a gorgeous piece of cover art.



  1. I'm so damn jealous!!!

    I want a cover!

    See you on the other side of tomorrw. :-)

  2. Both covers are gorgeous. I want one...


  3. Sorry that's my son's sign in. I guess he was on my computer earlier..