Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Lori

Have I ever told you how I hate the time change? Oh, surely I must have, I mean it happens twice a year and by the time I adjust to one, it's time for another.

I don't know why they affect me so adversely; it's only a damn hour, but it seems to be a significant one, at least for me. I'm draggin' ass, girl, draggin' ass. Can't sleep when I'm supposed to and can't stay awake ditto. You know what that leads to - mushy brain syndrome! Aaaack!

In short, the time change sucks. Just thought I'd make my stance on that clear, lol.

In other news: I was thinking earlier about books that had impressed me enough that I remembered them. Heh. Always a chancy thing, my memory. To my surprise, there were several. Of course, they stuck in my memory for different reasons, but still - what an accomplishment huh?

The very first one, the first 'adult' book I ever read - and in HC too! - was Little Women. I can't tell you how many times I read that book and I always cried when Beth died and I always went 'yes!' when Jo finally got together with Mr. Bauer. *sigh*

I don't remember which I read first, Forever Amber or Gone with the Wind, but oh my lord! What a pair of heroines! And yet each writer managed to make me feel empathy at times with the heroines. They weren't 'good' girls, but I understood them. No HEA in these books, especially poor Amber, who got what she deserved, but had to travel thousands of miles to get her (presumed) comeuppence.

And of course, there was To Kill a Mockingbird, the best of them all. I fell in love with Atticus Finch. He's a template for the perfect hero, IMO. The book packed quite a punch, because in my little corner of Canada and at my tender age, I was completely unaware of the injustices done by humans to their fellow humans, deliberately, with eyes wide open and hearts tightly closed.

I read Lord of the Rings, but frankly I think he could have used a romance editor, lol. I never could re-read those books.

There have been other books and series I've enjoyed, but none made the impact those four did. The Dragons of Pern, The Deeds of Paksenarrian, Hawaii, and more too numerous to list. Romance-wise, Flowers from the Storm, Lord Ian and Lord of Scoundrels rocked my world because these alpha heros were terribly flawed and some of them didn't recover completely but they still fought for their HEA.

I used to be an eclectic reader; now I have to have that HEA, so that limits me a bit. Still, I have no problems reading first person, I hear a lot of folks won't touch it. All I can say to that is they're missing some good reads - the Magic series by Ilona Andrews comes to mind first. LOVE that series!

It's 8:00 pm here and already I'm ready for bed, can hardly keep my eyes open, so this Old Fart is signing out. As Scarlett would say, tomorrow is another day.




  1. I know this was addressed to Lori, but I thought I'd add my 2c worth, if you don't mind :)

    Firstly, I love dl savings. But the yes vote lost to the no vote in teh last referendum (thanks to the fading curtains, non milking cows and the sun being around for an extra hour) so WA remains even further behind during the summer months. Yet another reason to miss Melbourne.

    As to the books, i agree. There have been some that stuck with me also, even if I can't exactly remember now what htey were about. Perhaps this is a good chance to review them.

    The ones I can think of now are in no particular order and have been read from primary school to now.

    - To Kill a Mockingbird
    -Lion Witch and Wardrobe (only book in that set I read)
    - The Hobbit
    - Go ask Alice (still haunts me)
    - Catcher in teh Rye
    - Hiroshima
    - Flowers in the attic (1st book)
    - Roots

    I started LOTR but didnt' finish, as I was going to wait until the movies finished. Still didn't go back to it yet lol.

    There have been others of course as I've spent my life in books, but these are the few that stick out most.

    Thanks for the topic Carolyn. Thinking about these books, I might ahve to add to the pile to be read and revisited and see if they still resonate the same now.

  2. Never mind Lori, Lea, it's just the formatting. ;-)

    You know us and our letters, lol.

    I would love to get a really good debate going.

  3. I know, but sometimes I feel like I'm reading personal correspondence and it's ahrd to know what you want a reply to or not... oh well.

    Did I tell ya I finished Devil in Winter. well, I did :) not too shabby I might add.