Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I have to eat crow. Or at least, eat this lovely slice of pumpkin bread while admitting I was wrong. Vampire Academy was better than I originally thought and I finished it in a rather obsessive glom. So I apologize Ms. Richelle Mead (or Michelle Read) for dissing your book. It was a compulsive read at the end and what can be better than that?

(My pumpkin bread was pretty good though.)

I don't feel a great desire to read Book 2 right now and I'm torn between starting any one of the 400 books you've stashed in our Kindle or buying some Meg Cabot. One of my Goodreads authors has been glomming the Cabet backlist and it looks like it might be fun. Then again, I do have a Heyer waiting and there's that girl with a dragon tattoo that everyone seems to love.

In happy news, I got the mock-up cover for Sugar B's Back in Town which was awesome! I like the Angel Lane cover but I love Sugar's cover. When it's a go, I'll post a picture so I can cock my doodle doo over it.

Romance books are nothing if not a complete pleasure for hot men on the covers.

Otherwise, my cold is lingering, I'm malingering and any minute I'm going to have to pee. My bladder is the size of a crushed raisin right now but that's Old Fart TMI.

Have a great day dear.


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  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is definitely worth reading. I have to check and see what the title of book #2 is. Meanwhile, Nora Roberts is waiting for me. Mj