Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dear Lori

What's the old saying - you can always count on death and taxes? Yeah.

I've been gathering the gloom and doom to take to the accountant. OMG, half our income seems to go on truck repairs and the other half on fuel. No wonder I never go anywhere, lol.

I've been taking breaks and toodling around the internet.

Did you know Barbara Hambly's entire backlist has been bought and will be available the end of this month on Amazon and BN? Unfortunately, the prices are the same as if it were a new release, $7.99, but she's one of those authors worth that amount IMO and I've pre-ordered The Ladies of Madrigyn. I'm so glad we kept the link on the sidebar; I've been keeping track of this and it's finally happening. :-)

The way I figure, I can handle one or two Hamblies a month and I am one happy camper. *grin*

Tomorrow I have to renew my drivers license. I'd rather be shot than take another horrible, ugly, disgusting picture! But it's the law, and I'm nothing if not law abiding, but this is a true test of willpower and strength. Blech!

Hope you got home okay. Oh - did I mention I now have a bookcover?? Heh. Well, I do. :-D

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  1. Carolyn, I renewed my driver's license and my nurse's license last month. For the driver's license picture, I was wearing an avocado and white striped turtle neck and an avocado fleece shirt. The woman in control of the camera looked at the pic and said,"It looks like we're having a party here." When the license, came I looked both civilized and happy. Good luck!!! MJ