Saturday, January 29, 2011

There's Your Sign

If there was ever any question that I was indeed a very old Fart, it's now been answered. I am, without a doubt, an Old Fart.

Nalini Singh's newest Angel book just released. I'd forgotten I'd pre-ordered it (sign #1) and got a pleasant surprise when it showed up on my Kindle PC early one morning. Oh joy!

Then I decided to reread the first two books in the series, because it had been awhile and events were rather hazy in my mind. (sign #2) I know, I know, I should have started the reread much sooner, but that just builds the anticipation for Archangel's Consort all the more.

So I went to my keeper shelf - that's the shelf with all the books I collected before I discovered ebooks ... actually every paper book I buy, I keep whether it deserves it or not ... and found Angel's Blood and Archangel's Kiss and started reading Blood. Let me rephrase that - tried to read.

Has the printing always been this small? I wear prescription glasses and still I was squinting and the lines were dancing around. (sign #3) I thought seriously of going out and buying a magnifying glass, but I got a better idea.

Yes, I did it, I really did it. I bought the books again in e-format, because with e-format I can enlarge the font for my reading pleasure. Actually, these days, for reading at all!

I should be ashamed of myself, buying the same books twice, wasting money. Am I ashamed? Hell no!! I shall donate the paper books to the library and call myself a philanthropist. *grin*

Now, I gotta go, got some books to read. :-)

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