Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A small piece of the Work in Progress.

Since the fight with Rudy he seemed more subdued. His cheek was still bruised from the tear his father had given it. He’ll carry a scar and hopefully it will be enough to remind him to be careful. If he has the sense to realize that scars are there to teach us. Lord knows, we carry enough of our own scars, don’t we?

“You’re a fucking idiot,” I told him.

“And you’re a fucking shrew,” he answered.

I meant to slap him. Without thought my hand moved but before it connected, he had it caught in his fist and he was dragging me across the seat, the parking brake digging into my leg and we were kissing.

I wanted to kill him and I wanted to fuck him. The minute his mouth was on mine everything went to war. I fisted his hair, that long black mane of his was in my hand while my other hand was digging nails into his shoulder.

Corrie, if it had been possible to fuck him in that car I would have. I would have rode him then left him, probably cursing him every minute he was inside me.

Instead I bit him and sucked his blood into my mouth. He pushed me off him and I saw the look of fear and desire that wiped his expression. His lips had a small drop of blood forming and his eyes were wary.

“You’re crazy,” was the love talk he gave me.

“That was nothing whelp,” I answered. “When the Dragon Master comes, you’ll be lucky to have anything left.”

He shoved me away and disappeared from the confines of the car to the cage of rain outside.

It was the best I felt in ages.

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