Monday, January 10, 2011


There's been a lot of talk about heroines in blogland lately, and how true-to-life they should be. I didn't dive into any of the discussions, but I do have an opinion.

I don't want to read about me.

I read romance for the fantasy of it. I mean, really, how many romance heroes have you come across in real life? I love my husband dearly despite the fact he'd never do half the shit those heroes get up to. Just as well, I'd have taken action long ago.

I've been overweight and introverted most of my life. I don't want to read about a heroine like me. I don't mind if she's got a great body or is known as a great beauty. I only care that she has character and that I like that character. I don't want to be blugeoned by Real Life. I have my own Real Life and I read to escape it, if only for a little while.

That's why I switched to Romance several years ago; it comes guaranteed with a happy ending. With all the shit happening in the world, I need that, I need it badly sometimes.

So, please. Don't write about me. Write about dreams and could have beens. Write attractive people I can root for and care about. Write happily ever afters. It is, after all, why I read.


  1. Amen!

    You feel about books (heroines) like I do about reality tv - I don't want it, I don't need it, I don't like it. If I wanted to watch people in a house cooking or building something, I'd look over the fence. I don't need it shoved in my face 24/7 on tv as well.

    But I also agree with teh books. I read for the escapism, the fantasy of it all. I'm a visual reader so I put myself in the story and get carried away on the adventure. I don't be needing to read about someone like me either. Face it, the biggest adventure I've had of late was getting out of the shower just now and not slipping on the tiles.

    I think you, Lori and me should get together and create a character just like the one we want to wish we could be. If you know what I mean...


  2. I think we already do that. Although I disagree with you Carolyn (and I think you might disagree a bit too.)

    One of the things that I love to do is base my characters on people I know but fictionaized. So you often show up in my stories with your "Oh Lords" and Tide sweat shirts and dust bunnies.

    Lea and Pippin are there too and Dilly and Lyndee Loo Hoo and Mollie and Juanita and the list goes on...

  3. Yes, but I usually have slim hips and curly hair. ;-). A rose by any other name - or something. Does that quote fit here?

    Well anyway ...

  4. Please please please ...

    if you use me as an example (insert roflmao smiley here), please don't give me slim/trim hips. OMG I hate those words almost as much as 'dear'.

    I'm not kidding.

    They don't have to be as wide as they are in real life (cough) but please use another word.

    Oops, sorry to hijack your point. I too base my characters on others, just not myself. I can't see anything that I would want to give my heroine of myself. Except maybe blue eyes...

    DOes that count?

    Again, sorry for hijacking...


  5. Nobody's hijacking: we're discussing.

    There are things I like in heroines that I read and write and those these usually are in the similarities between them and me. My heroines whether slim hipped or broad in the arse, are a little snarky, a lot irreverant and fun.

    Lea, your character is short as hell, curly blonde hair, fierce and has a dog.

    Carolyn: Oh Lord...

    I don't want to read about my physical lookalike but I like a woman I relate to. Another reason I don't read YA, I like my heroines older.

    And I didn't know you have blue eyes Lea. I shall remedy that immediately in my WIP.

  6. Well, you have me pegged lol. Kinda scary really, to read it out loud like that lol.

    And yep, blue eyes - my one good feature. Although at the minute I think they're a little droopy and gritty cause it's almost 1am and I should be sleeping. But I was just reading an article about Christmas and Ryan Reynolds and it gave me an idea...


    No, not THAT kind of idea. Although...

  7. Well, hell... Ryan Reynolds in nothing but a Santa hat gives me ideas.

    Pass the Whoozy-Whip!

  8. OMG... SHOES!!

    Or to quote our Southern friend - Lord have mercy!!

    Can I be the first to read your idea :D

    oh yum.

  9. I embrace my slim hips and give thanks to Reesie every damn day for them. ;-)

    I know what you're saying Lori. what I'm saying is that I don't want to read about a 500 pound woman with a wen on her nose slogging through to find herself and/or a man who accepts her as she is. That's perilously close to woman's lit. And a little too close to me, lol.

    I want humor yes. Angst is good sometimes too, but should be levened with a suspenseful plot or witty dialogue. Hell, I'll settle for characters I can like.

    Um - who's Ryan Reynolds?

  10. Hey, I'm all for being thin of hips too - I just don't like those words. I can't explain it really. Just makes my skin crawl. Literally!

    And Ryan (sigh) is just yummy. I can't post a picture in a reply but take our word for it lol. He was in 'The Proposal' with Sandra Bullock and back in the day he was in the show '2 guys, a girl and a pizza place'.