Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morning Musings

It's appalling how many book reviews out there entice me to buy books. I'm so damn easy! And so damn poor. :-(

I have 445 books on my Kindle - make that 446; there was a review on DA this morning for a Sarah Morgan book that sounded so good, so me, that I just had to get it. So now I've got 446 books on my Kindle.

Of course, a lot of them are free downloads that most likely will never get read. But I continue to download, because it's about the only time I hit a sale. Usually I never knew about the sale in the first place and find out when I go to the store for something needed. Ah regret, thy name is Missed Sale.

Thank you for the book, Lori. You have 68 cents left on the gift certificate, lol.

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