Monday, January 24, 2011

Are Rejections Ever Personal?

The writing needs more polish, for example, there isn't enough depth, plot or character-wise. Also, the transitions between scenes aren’t smooth and their execution take the reader out of the story. Unfortunately, this would not be what our romance audience is looking for.

This was a rejection I received. It was my second rejection from this publisher and if I was a beginning writer, I'd probably throw my computer off the nearest high rise and be done with writing forever.

But this publisher was the one who had offered on my first novel (that of the 666) and I decided to go with my current publisher.

I was a newer writer an had sent 666 out to multiple publishers. I received three offers on it. The above publisher took it badly that I submitted to multiples and chose another. I received a pissed off email calling me unprofessional and well, it wasn't sunshine and roses.

My next novel I sent to them and they turned it down without much comment. I decided three is the charm (or so someone said) and sent my newed WIP. And received the above rejection.

I decided to read this, this evening, and was delighted from page one.
Wonderful story. Love it.

Got this response last night in an email. Same story. I was rejected from the first on Friday. Sent it back out to another on Saturday and was offered a contract on Sunday. Interestingly, the publisher that is choosing to publish is the other publisher who offered on 666 and that I also did not go with.

So was the first rejection based on story or based more on history? Is there a blackballed author list for this epub that my name is on? Am I wrong to even ask these questions?


  1. I think that rejection would kill me - and my aspirations stone dead. Seriously.

  2. Yes. It seemed to really be the intent, didn't it?

  3. I am so looking forward to getting rejections!