Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coffee. Romance. Spaniards in Kilts.

Every month my publisher sends an email that they're having a romance chat at It's a monthly chat for Lyrical and at 6pm eastern time for a northwestern woman and I've never gone. Last night I did and had a whooping good time.

(Lyrical chat is the first Wed. of the month, 9pm eastern. General romance chats are Tuesday nights, same time.)

There weren't many of us and it was a soft sell session. But we laughed. We talked about what genres we liked. We came up with our hot new alpha type: Spaniards wearing kilts.

The ladies were gracious and quick to share a laugh. It was an easy way for a new author to talk about her book without feeling obnoxious.

It's worth checking out. In fact, I plan to be there Tuesday night to have some more laughs. Why don't you join us?

The L key on my keyboard died so apologies to the earlier, unedited post.


  1. Lea, it's for everyone. I do wonder if they'd survive the 2 of us together.

  2. Probably not.

    I'll have a good look around a bit later.