Friday, January 14, 2011

The Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas

Oh hell yeah.

There are many things I like, many things I do not and I'd say that series romances with endless references to previous stories and especially in historical where polite society ruled ... not my cup of chamomile.

I loved these books. I really did.

The Hathaway family is one that has dealt with a great deal of tragedy: the death of their parents, the death of the betrothed of brother Leo's, the sickness of sister Win and worse of all: the inheritance of a title by Leo.

The stories are um... Married by Morning, Seduce Me at Sunrise, Assholes in the Afternoon, Creme Brulee on My Thighs and ... uh... Slim Pickins at Sunset. Or something like that.

I liked how the books developed. The first two (sisters Amelia and Win) were choices that flew in the face of society, had nice heat and made me laugh at many places. Poppy's book (number 3) was my least favorite although it had a nice development of character. Leo's book (Dueling Daggers at the Dogwood Corral... or something like that) was my personal favorite. Leo was sarcastic, hot, witty, hot, funny and um... hot.

The last book is Beatrix who is the most liberal of all the children and also the dearest. I haven't finished reading it but I'm enjoying it greatly.

What I don't like: too much sex ultimately. The sex in the second book (Win's) was my favorite. The sex was hot and didn't annoy me.

I don't care about the constant refrain in each book having to do a quick synopsis of who everyone is and how the family has fared.

What I loved: Character development. The same people in book after book and we can watch them all as they ebb and flow into each other's lives. I loved Leo's progression and his ultimate snark and humor. That man could have me!

I really love Ms. Kleypas' writing. She's like a master class in writing where plot, character, pace and skill all merge and meld and make a delicious dessert of sweet and savoury.

I plan to read The Wallflower series next. Are there any other series that blend the same amount of growth, humor and plot?

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