Monday, March 8, 2010

A Writer Is As A Writer Does by Carolyn

So - there I was five years ago, in Divo fantasyland, feeling the hormones stirring and letting John take advantage of my condition. Heh. And it was perfectly evident it wasn't only my hormones getting stirred.

I discovered fan fics.

Good ones, bad ones - they were all there, right there on Il Divo's official web site and some of them were right frisky too! I was gabberflasted, to quote a certain fictional Spaniard.

The more stories I checked out, the more fascinated I became. Some of them were pretty bad. I remember thinking, I could do this and so much better too!

And then I found The Cheeky Spaniard and I fell in love forever. It never occurred to me that I could outwrite that particular writer, but it gave me the final push to try a story of my own.

Okay, I said all that to say this: I wrote from my heart. Sort of flowery, really really descriptive, and I imagine I broke every rule in the writing book and some that weren't even there.

I look back at that first effort now and can see where improvement is needed, see all the flaws and other stuff that's just plain wrong. But I also see the heart in it.

To try to write emotion, the feelings one person has for another; to try to convey the picture or vision in your mind - it can be difficult. But when it works, it's better than money. It just is.

So, my technique hasn't changed all that much. And it's for sure not what the experts are wanting. Today's writing is supposed to be sparse, pared to the bone, with lots of action, action, action. There was a short period when I lamented my shortcomings, but you know what? I've learned to live with it and even celebrate it.

Mostly I like what I write - or I wouldn't write it, lol. I guess most amateurs say that. But I LOVE what Lori writes; it's hard for me to be objective about her writing. She slashes and burns her own stuff relentlessly, always trying to improve. I'm not much use to her there, because I think it is so good. It's like sitting down with a good friend and listening to them talk; it just flows. She can make me believe anything, make her worlds seem so real.

So what's the point of all this rambling? I think the point is to write what you love and love what you write. There is always room for improvement, but that doesn't devalue what you've done. It can still be worth a lot to people, just like Cheeky was to me.

Cheeky Spaniards make it all worthwhile. :-)


  1. Can't say I've heard of that story Carolyn - was it a Lori story? I'll check UG later...

    But you're right about it all being just action action action. I'm screwed, I can't do that lol. You know what though? So what? It's like the movies these days - big blockbusters with more action than a frog in a blender (eww). That's all well and good but while everyone is lining up to watch said action, you're just as likely to find me lining up with maybe a half dozen little old ladies to go and see a chick flick. And be damned happy to do so!

    Yep, I agree again - write what you love and love what you write.

    So does this mean we will be having more of the new one soon?


  2. Yes Lea, Cheeky was Lori's first story, just as It's a Funny Old Life was mine. :-)

    We've come a long way and, I think, improved muchly, but I still read Cheeky and laugh out loud. It truly is a fantastic fantasy. ;-)

  3. I know that fan fics are looked down upon by the world but truly, it's such a wonderful way to learn to write. And to learn the basics of telling a story from start to finish.

    Well ... only for those who finish their stories, that is.

    There's been some great writing on the fan fic pages. And I agree completely with you Carolyn: write what you love. If you're not paying your bills by hackery, then why not create what makes your heart smile?

    At least, that's my humble opinion.


  4. What y'all said :D

    And thanks Carolyn, I've saved Lori's first and will now add yours to the collection. I'm putting all in word - easier to read and I can keep - seeing as y'all don't save 'em lol

    Just finished 'Monopoly' - awww, Lori, you had me there. Loved your Sebastien. David's a given and Carlos was bueno? Urs was... typical. LOL

    Looking forward to reading more fan fic - I don't care what people say. Half the time it's better than the 'real' stuff that gets published!


  5. I found hte Cheeky Spaniard (and the story too - boom boom lol) and saved in to word. I'm not reading yet as I've just started "Maggie May". I'm liking so far :D

    Y'all should think about putting all your 'letter/email' stories in to book form - even if you have to unDivo them to sell to the wider community, or leave as is for the Divas. Seriously, you should! Of course I'd have to insist on a copy personally autographed but we can discuss that later.

    I can be your manager if you like. I'd say editor but we all know I can't write/spell/do grammar worth a shit so I'll leave that to the professionals. I'll have my guy call your guy and organize a business lunch.

    you in?

    (yes, it's late, I'm tired but can't sleep and have these wacky ideas to share - you still love me though, right?)


  6. I think that's a neat idea, Lea - all we need now is some money, lol. I mean, that's what Lulu's for, right?

    Unfortunately the stories are rather Carlos-centric, so I'm not sure how many Divas would buy.

    It would be nice to have them gathered all together in a book though, just for our own benefit (and yours, because you give us so much support that is very much appreciated). Something you can hold in your hands - a real, live book!!

    I shall start saving my pennies. :-)

  7. I was thinking Lulu too! I put Smidge in to book form and when I got it, it was so surreal. Of course only a couple of people have it but knowing it's out there is such a good feeling.

    And CArlos-centric or not it's a good idea. Hell, if I can enjoy them as a Siren with a Davey smidge then anyone can. Except the Ubers. LOL

    I'll start saving too. Maybe Santa will bring them. There really is nothing like having a real book in your hands. Ebooks might be all the rage but I still prefer to turn the page myself instead of tapping a screen or scrolling iwth a mouse. Call me old fashioned lol

    Glad to support in any way I can. Even with not so much of the Sebastien, I love your stories. I hope they continue for a good long while yet!