Friday, March 12, 2010

The Hot Spot by Jill Shalvis


I have to write this review quickly before I forget everythng I read. Which tells you how this book is going to stay with me.

I got this book because the reviewers on Dear Author and Smart Bitches praised it to the heavens. Hot, sassy, fast paced. A great contemporary, they said.

I love me a great contemporary.

This book took me about two weeks to read. Let me reiterate: two weeks. The entire time I read it I thought of all the other books I could be reading: Taxes for Dummies. The Life and Times of Edward Boringard. Toenail Fungus and You.

So there's this baseball team called the Heat and they uh... play baseball. Every single one of the players looks like a rock star and has a ten inch cock. (Really, it's in their stats.)

So Wade is like the Joe Namath (wrong sport, wrong century, I know) of baseball and Sam is the publicist who knows all the men's stats because of the amount of time she spends in the locker room (you can buy a similar book called Fucked in the Dugout by Ravenous Romance)...

Anywhere, where was I? Oh yeah. We have the fake relationship trope on top of the misunderstanding trope along with the sudden kid to take care of trope and just in case we're missing a trope, there's an alcoholic father showing up trope too!

Four tropes for the price of one!!!

There was also mention in the professionals reviews of hot sexxoring but if you think doing it in a public restroom and then getting caught by a Mom and kid is hot, we need to reexamine what hot sexxoring is.

The book was so meh as to be outstandingly bleh. Don't fall for the hype, get the History of Peridontitis to read instead. Now that one sizzles.


Well, I've already forgotten most of what I've read and it's only been what - a week or so?

But I don't remember having any problems reading it; I got through it quickly and as for the tropes - well, shit happens. I should know, lol.

I've seen complaints that the author has a lack of basic baseball knowledge. I suppose they're right, but frankly I didn't read it for the baseball (insert wiggling eyebrows here). And I do love catchers - yum!

The book wasn't such that I'd track down her back list, but it was a pleasant little read, albeit somewhat shallow. I don't know that I'd go out of my way to buy any new releases either. In my old age, I've become more demanding. I want something special and while this was competent writing, it just didn't fit my expectations.


  1. *Note to self. Avoid at all costs "The Hot Spot" and pick up extra copies of "Taxes for Dummies".


  2. Um - isn't the book called Slow Heat? *laughing* And I expect that I'm one of the complainants of her lack of basic baseball knowledge.

  3. I should fix that (omg! and lmao!) but I won't. It just tells you how I felt after taking 2 weeks to read the damned thing. I couldn't even get the name right.


  4. Apply enough 'Slow Heat' and you get a 'Hot Spot' LMAO!!

    I didn't catch it either. (Bad me)

    I suppose I should read it again, this time with my baseball cap on (I used to follow the Braves religiously, back when their occasional wins were a damn good excuse for a partay.

    But - nah!

  5. I was going to say we should be grateful it wasn't called the 'Wet Spot' but I thought that was a little crass and decided against it.

    Aren't you glad I'm thinking of you ladies and your readers?