Friday, March 19, 2010

By the way

These two old farts don't just talk about romance, they sometimes write it. Sometimes they write it together. Sometimes they take prescription drugs and mix them with a little wine coolers and write. Sometimes...

The point is that these two old farts have sent a manuscript out in the hopes of creating vigorous vomiting and riotous diarrhea amongst the romance agents and editors of America.

If anyone shows interest, we'll let you know.

And each rejection letter shall be posted here with a subsequent picture of the voodoo doll with needles sticking out of it's eyes that will have the rejecting agent or editor's name on it...

We do so enjoy ourselves.


  1. I just hope we're not held responsible for their medical bills. :-(

  2. If you leave some time between the rejection adn the voodooing, they might think it was someone else, therefore negating you of any liability.

    Not that I've thought of such things...

    (insert evil plotting and planning smiley here - don't forget the halo)