Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley


Okay, I LOVED The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley and since I've sort of been leaning toward the paranormal, etc., I was excited to see she'd written a shifter book. And while I finished the book, I was disappointed in it. I was really expecting more.

I did like the world building. The Shifters have voluntarily allowed themselves to be collared, to repress their penchant for violence. They live in Shifter towns, segregated from the rest of the populace and are considered second class citizens.

Kim is a lawyer defending a young Shifter accused of murdering his human girlfriend. Her quest for information takes her to Shiftertown where she meets Liam.

Here's the thing. I can tolerate a 'mating bond' from the Shifter side. I mean, he changes into a big cat, a Fae cat and such a magical creature is bound to have unusual strings attached. So Liam meets Kim, almost immediately he knows she's his bondmate and he's in lust thereafter, but manages to control it with the help of the collar. Hold, protect and fuck, that's the mantra of the male Shifters for their females.

Where the fail came for me was Kim. Besides the fact that the name was so vanilla, I found the character to be just a tad unbelievable. She's a lawyer, she dresses in power suits and dates men who are workaholics and pencil sex into their schedule. She has polite little orgasms and never felt any need for more. Never felt any wildness or lustiness deep inside herself, screaming to get out.

Now she's with Liam and he has only to look at her for her to cream her pants. They had sex ALL NIGHT LONG, and she never said 'enough', or 'your 10" prick is killing me here after the 8th time' (the author made sure we knew his prick was 10" and THICK!).

She changes from her association with the Shifters. They become family to her. Her way of dressing changes, her priorities change. And that's all well and good.

But she's a human female and she was never defined as a nyphomaniac or something similar and I just found this constant fucking at the drop of a hat, anytime, anywhere, to be just a bit over the top.

If you like a sex crazed heroine, this might be the book for you. *grin*. I prefer my relationships to grow slowly, with the coming together as the pinnacle, a reward if you will.

I find I don't like a heroine in heat.


And yet you love me. Go figure.

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  1. LOL

    Sounds like Twilight but iwth more sex... I'll pass.

    And of course we love you Lori - you're you.

    While I'm here girls I have a book you may or may not be interested in. I'll send up and maybe you can review for here. It's called "Marsha Mellow and Me".

    From what I remember (I read it about 5 years ago... lol) this girl has written an 'adult' story but under a psuedonym - that's all part of the plot. I remember little bits of it and thinking it was rather racy but overall it never hit me as a book to read once a year.

    Would y'all be interested and who should I send to first?