Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Stuff Yourself and Stuff Your Feelings Down Day

Thanksgiving. A day when we celebrate food. Serious amounts of food that we eat until we hurt and then wait a few hours and eat again.

We are having our Thanksgiving at the home of a woman who is close to my SIL, a woman I seriously don't like. But since I want to spend the day with my family and not by myself pouting, I will go and eat and stay as silent as possible except when talking to those I'm comfortable with.

Otherwise, I am well. My new car is cool. I'm almost completely done with Christmas shopping and I even got my cards in the mail as well as my gifts.

This year we're pretty into the season because last year Myrna was going through chemo and ended up in the hospital so it was a sucky holiday. This year we're already cooking up a storm and really planning some celebrations.

I hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving has a wonderful one. Those of you who aren't (Lea :P) I love you anyway.

Hugs to AL in Mexico.

And my heart to Carolyn who has been facing her first holidays without John. 'll be lifting a glass to his memory and hope you all will take a moment to remember him.

Love you Carol. But not sending any leftovers.


  1. Happy Turkey day to y'all up there. And no, we don't celebrate here but thanks for the lurve all the same xx

    Families are complex organisms and it's hard to find one that is completely in sync. I hope you manage to get through it ok. Just eat lots of pie - that way you can't be telling them how you really feel as your mouth will be full. Unless you're one of those people who talk and eat at the same time> Hmm, that's a good idea - spray 'em with food and they'll leave you alone lol.

    Hugs from me to Carolyn too. I'll send leftover birthday cake if Lori isn't sharing turkey lol.

    HUGS YÁLL be safe out there.

  2. As I was down in Mexico, I kept thinking of Carolyn and of another friend, who also lost her husband recently. Sending my love.