Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Short fart checking in.

Third week of new job and things are starting to make sense. Boss has a high intensity personality so it's a lot to take but it all takes time. Once we get used to each other, we'll be fine. And I don't think he had any idea what he was getting when he hired me but this week I started to joke and tease and now he knows more of my personality.

Lots of travel time which is okay. Earlier wake up times which I'm not acclimated to so a lot more tired right now. And here with Nano starting.

Cheating with Nano and using a half finished story. What can I say? Rules are for Republicans. (*snort*)

So looking forward to the end of the election and no more of politics. Well, no more of this crazy political shiz.

It will be so amazing once we're saying 'Madame President'. And if by any chance the Cheetoh wins: then 4 years of saying "I told you so" to my brother will be a poor consolation prize. Especially since I think he'd still support the asshole as he blows up the world.

(Somehow my brother thinks Donald Trump would be better for Israel than Hillary. Go figure.)

In other news:
Mollie has a 4.0 grade point and made National Honor's Roll.
Carolyn got her pesky third nipple removed.
Lea grew an inch in winter but summer is coming and there it goes.
Mosquitos love me.

Obviously, no new nothing to share.

1 comment:

  1. Funny you should mention summer and losing height... if only I could lose weight just as easy lol

    Yay for Mollie's 4.0, and the honour roll, that's excellent. Very proud.

    'Bout time Carolyn saw to that pesky third nipple. Maybe now she can buy regular bras?

    Everyone loves you so mosquitos have that in their favour lol

    Still keeping everything crossed the great pumpkin doesn't get elected. God forbid, I've got the van ready for anyone who wants to move here for the next four years. Madam President does have a nice ring to it. And you're right - I told you so just won't make up for what is likely to happen.

    Happy to hear the job is going well, apart from the early mornings of course. I'm sure the boss will love you in the end, your humour alone should win him over. Sending good thoughts.

    Hugs to y'all.