Saturday, November 19, 2016

R.I.P. Fortress

My green Uplander, my van we named Fortress (because it was a character in a book Carolyn wrote and it would always protect us) died.

Well, it didn't really die. The brakes were shot, it needed a new battery and the repairs were going to be about $1500. which was $1000 more than I had to spend. Nobody would do a partial fix and there were no payment options on the repair.

So I drove my old van in a Ford dealership and said, "keep it cheap, keep it running and make sure it has great gas milage". Then I cried because I didn't want to add another car payment to my budget after I finally got Fortress paid off.

So we have a light blue Toyota Celica with thankfully, low miles. I got a surprisingly good deal with a low payment (not as low as I wish but probably something that won't break the bank). And I got a good interest rate and everything. The only great flaw with the car is the Hawaiian weather has pitted the paint but that's not a huge deal.

Anyway, a quick tip of the hat to Fortress who took good care of us for years. We'll miss you old girl.


  1. Aww, bye bye Fortress...

    It sucks when you have to upgrade because hte thing you love is on it's last legs and you can't afford that last ditch effort to revive it. Having no money sucks balls :(

    Still, I hope the Celica (any cool names yet? How about Cassiopeia lol) keeps you adn Miss Mollie as safe as Fortress. A photo would be nice :D


  2. OMG, Mollie got in the car and within minutes she figured out all this stuff that I had no idea about. It has bluetooth and can play songs from your phone and you can talk on the phone via the speakers! Sheesh. For an old car it's damned fancy.

  3. Ooh, nice! I have to rely on cd's for my car... Not so good when it's like driving an oven in the summer lol