Sunday, December 4, 2016

Where We At

Aloha friends!

Last night we put the Christmas tree up and added extra twinkle lights and life looked momentarily blissful. There are certain things that calm a person's soul and Christmas trees with twinkle lights is one of them for me. (Beaches and Chinese teenagers are two others, so imagine how well that works for me.)

Carolyn has been busy recently trying to slog through my latest manuscript. It ain't romantic. But it is. It certainly isn't romance. Although it started that way...

I was in my old van driving into the neighboring town and had a thought that Lucifer could be short for Luci. So what if Lucifer was a woman? And what if...  And a romance novel was born.

And that romance novel sucked.

So I played with it trying to twist in into different forms until it finally gelled as a retelling of Genesis from the devil's point of view. Which is my kind of twisted POV since I would never trust any stories told by men. They so love to rewrite history as it suits them.

So there we are. Lea is slogging through my demands for covers, Carolyn is trying to force herself to remain interested in a whiny devil and I'm sitting staring at twinkle lights while muttering "pretty, pretty... shiny, shiny".

Life is fun.


  1. Mele Kalikimaka!!

    Thanks for the reminder - Lea, tree is to be up already woman! I'll get right on that lol

    Covers are... I'll get back to you. Maybe I should sit with you and watch the shiny, shiny for a bit and see if that helps. Certainly couldn't hurt.

    So happy that you're happy that Luci's story is about to be shared. I know you worried and tormented over it for a good long while. Your own sort of hell, am I right? I'm sure Carolyn will get it happening for you.

    Happy holidays to y'all and the readers up there (and down here too). Hope it's a good one. Now, I must away and look for embellishments that pass muster with a fussy person - aka LORI :D


  2. First edit done. :-D

    (Damn good book)