Thursday, November 10, 2016

If I Turn the Other Cheek, You're Looking at My Ass

Last night when I went to pick Mollie up after school, I got into a discussion with one of the teachers at the school about the election. He was wearing black, in mourning for our country. He said that he and his wife have signed off of all social media right now because they can't swallow the crap they're hearing about how this election is a chance to bring America together.

Then my brother, after I explained in detail how I could see our rights being trampled and trod upon, told me to give Trump a chance. He might prove you all wrong, my brother said.

On Facebook, the morning after the election and even now, people are telling the Hillary supporters to swallow it down, don't be divisive, we can work together. Those were probably the same people who worked so well with Obama the last eight years.

But I thought about it. I really did.

And my answer is no.

Don't tell me to give Trump a chance. He doesn't deserve one. He spewed the hate speech, he bullied and he mocked and humiliated everyone who was 'other' than he was. He had a million chances and every time he doubled down and proved himself even more crass, more nasty, more deplorable than before.

Donald Trump might be the president elect but Hillary won the popular vote and damn it, she was my president.

Donald Trump is a bully and he does not represent me.

Donald Trump is a racist and he does not represent me.

Donald Trump is anti-semitic, xenophobic,misogynist and he does not represent me.

Donald Trump is a sexual predator, a short fingered vulgarian and he does not represent me.

And those of you who voted for him and are saying right now: 'but I'm not racist' or whatever you claim, just remember you voted for a racist. You voted for a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women, who bragged about not paying taxes, who threatened the woman running against him. You voted for him and he represents you.

I'll be donating my time, my service and my money to NARAL, to Planned Parenthood, the the Anti-Defamation league. If I can, I will march with Black Lives Matter, I'll picket businesses who refuse to make wedding cakes for gays and where there are hate crimes, I will make my voice heard.

Congress and the House will get emails and letters and postcards bearing my name. Businesses who show support for Trump will not ever see my money. People who admire him can kiss my fat ass as I turn away from them.

Donald Trump is proof that America hates blacks, women, gays and all minorities. Donald Trump is proof that when all is said and done, most people really are evil. And Donald Trump will never represent me.



  1. I love and support your stand and although I'm on the arse end of hte planet and this doesn't affect me as much as it does you, I stand with you, support you and love that you are sticking to your convictions. I have your back sister! Love ya.

    As a side note, anyone else notice how he's no longer talking about the voting system being rigged and is happy to take the decision? Orange arsehat...


  2. I love you, Lori.

    Thank you.

    Hug Miz Mollie for me??

  3. My sister said the same thing as your brother but I just don't see it. Anyone who trusts Trump's turnaround talk is an idiot. If I could afford it, I'd go back to Canada but my SS $ won't allow another house mortgage or rental and I'm sure my part of Canada (Toronto area) is much more expensive than Selma Alabama.

    It's hard being a minority when you're not really a minority.

  4. I read the most glorious quote today: If he builds his wall, I will teach my children to tear it down.

  5. If you ladies have not seen it yet, this piece on the rules to survive autocracy is spot on: believe him, he has shown us exactly who he is--and so have all the member of his cadre of deplorables, both elected and voters.

    Believe him, and resist accordingly.