Saturday, August 6, 2016

Welcome to the Weekend

I want a raise.

I've been in my job over a year and my role has changed a lot since I was hired. And yesterday at work I was the only support staff for three doctors which meant I was on the front desk checking in and out patients, registering new patients, answering the phones, sorting through over 200 faxes, doing referrals, making travel arrangements, scheduling radiology procedures, scheduling sleep studies (which is much more time intensive than regular appointments), taking billing payments over the phone and in person (our office is the central line and when bills go out which they just did, we get all the billing calls) as well as cleaning, taking out garbage and not having a break.

I'm the only person in our office who can do a day like that and at the end of the day have the till balance, have all the faxes done, have all the tasks assigned to me done, schedule 2 sleep studies and answer all the messages on my phone, the recption phone and the nurse's phone.

I didn't lose my temper once. I had patients compliment me on my ability to juggle my duties and someone brought me a gift of limes (a patient that is).

I deserve a raise.

So why can't I ask for one?

No one is indispensable but if I leave this job, they won't get someone to replace me. They'll get someone who can do part of what I do. But they won't get be able to find someone able to do all that in a nine hour day (who can also answer billing questions, do TB shots and EKGs and help out with advertising).

I've asked for a raise once in my life with a doctor who denigrated me often. She gave a raise to the technician but refused me, saying I didn't deserve it.

I deserve it here.

I don't know how to ask.

If I ask and the boss says no then what would I do? Shrug and go back to work? I can't leave. It's honestly the best job I ever had and I love being that person who can do everything and does.

I deserve more money. I deserve to get paid for holidays and be compensated for the value I bring to the team. And I don't know how to ask. I'm driving myself crazy with this.


  1. Oh my good lord, I've been where you are so often! Women in particular are never taught how to ask for raises, nor how to deal with the fallout either way.

    I want to offer all sorts of (unsolicited) advice on how to approach this, depending on your relationship with whomever would be in charge of making the actual decision over the raise. However, it all boils down to this: what would you have to loose if you ask and they say no? After all, if you don't ask, you would still be paid the same, and you would stay, correct?

    Whatever you decide, I hope you come to terms with it, so you stop beating yourself up over it.

    Many hugs, Lori.

  2. Hey, I'd give you a raise if I could. You def need one but like you, I wouldnt' even know where to begin to ask.

    All I can suggest is you point out your positives without bragging, don't mention anyone who doesn't help and maybe tell them you enjoy the challenge (not too much though or they might pile on more work lol).

    GOod luck babe, hope you manage to get that raise. Sounds like the job is a keeper; it would be nice if they treated you like a keeper in return.