Tuesday, August 9, 2016

He Said No

No raise.

He used the financially unstable excuse.

I don't think he wants to lose me but I also don't think he'd put any effort into keeping me either.

I don't know what I want to do. I love the job but I don't want to start feeling taken advantage of. And if more hits my plate, if I'm asked to do extra, why would I ever say yes again?

This became difficult.


  1. So sorry to hear this. THe spiteful part of me wants to say just do what you're being paid to do and none of the extra stuff but I know that's not you (I wouldn't either).

    Everyone is having financial difficulties at the moment so for him to use that is poor form. Maybe it is true but clearly he must see what you do for him and it has to be worth something extra? Probably didn't want to cut his own wages a little to make room for the raise.

    It really sux now - do you look elsewhere for a higher paying job and risk that it sux eggs, or do you stay and do what you love for less than you're worth? I wish I could help you decide or even front you the money myself.

    Hope work doesn't become too awkward now, especially as you were swimming along and finally in a good place with it.


  2. I find that sometimes talking things out with my teenager helps. And today there was some hostility at work from the boss to me and the other care coordinator because, I assume, he's embarrassed to be caught out being cheap. And lying.

    Anyway, Mollie and I agreed that it's time to rewrite the resume and start looking to see if there's better paying jobs out there. There's no point in staying locked into a place where there's no chance of being able to do better.

  3. Good ol' Mollie :D

    Wow, he's really going there? Yes, probably best you move on. It's not right though, that the person who is in the right and does all the work should be made to feel like moving on is the best solution. No doubt he will regret it when he can't find someone who is willing to do all you do for what he pays.

    I will keep all crossed and send good thoughts your way. You know, you and Mollie can sleep in our van until you get your own place, if you want to move here? I'll put on fresh sheets, shall I?