Sunday, August 7, 2016

This Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Went to see the Tarzan movie last night. Was so looking forward to (unintelligible actor's name) to take off his shirt. After more than a few minutes into the movie I was hoping he'd take off his shirt and put it over the camera lens because that was just a bad movie.

Liked the actress though. Wish Samuel Jackson wasn't in it trying to look 20 years younger.


Amusingly politics is not currently being discussed in our house at this time. My unfortunate brother, he of the Fox Fallacies and Republican ballyhoo is lost in the quagmire of having a candidate he can't defend. Oh, he attacks Hillary with the same gusto but now even Republicans are starting to defend her and point out the lies they've told and the center is falling apart.

What can I say? I started this off feeling depressed and now I'm fascinated. I'm absorbing the news like a junkie. I want my next fix.

Do you remember that old movie Porky's? I did and I remembered it as being hysterically funny so I got a copy from Amazon and Mollie and I watched it last night. It still had some funny moments but a lot less laugh out loud. Some thing don't age as well, I guess.

Still Bullet Journaling and it's a wonderful thing. It's kind of compressing from being a million lists in one book to being a calendar with daily lists and journal. That's the great thing about it. It really does become what you need.

And my daughter has started 10th grade this year and has a paying job. I'm more than a little gob-smacked. She'll be working for the after-school program as a tutor (which she did last year as a volunteer) but with pay. And because there's so much less interest in it by other kids (missed opportunities, m'dear), she's being given more hours and a slightly higher than minimum wage. She's excited and I'm delighted.

She's talking about buying presents with her own money. I'm talking about savings. I plan to put her on a better financial path than I've ever been on myself.

And this weekend I checked my work email and found an email from a patient thanking me for doing what I told her I'd do and saying that it's rare to find someone who delivers on their promises. It made me feel amazing.


  1. All the hugs, Lori--you ARE an amazing person, and doing what one says one will do, is indeed a a rare thing.

    I share your delight, and you must be so incredibly proud of Miz Mollie! Sending her all the congrats on the recognition implied on getting more hours, and the pay.

  2. As the wheel turns - wasn't that a soap opera? Glad the wheel has turned for you. You deserve the best.

  3. That's awesome news - on your love from a patient and Miss Mollie doing something she clearly loves and getting paid too! Looks like things are turning around for the Green Ladies :D

    I remember Porky's. I also remember laughing to the point of side-splitting but now I'm not sure I want to revisit it, if it's not aged well. Oh well, I can still watch Top Secret, find something new in the background and laugh at the funny bits. :D

    As to Tarzan, I wanted to see it because Alex (Skarsgaard) is in it but now I don't think I will. It will be out on video soon, maybe lol. I think I'll go for either the new STar Trek (I watched the first two again to get in the mood) or Ghostbusters. Dunno...

    Maybe I'll just read a book instead :D