Thursday, August 18, 2016

And The Kerfuzzles Just Keep On Coming

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Okay, let me start by saying that I just finished The Hating Game by Sally Thorne and it was a really different kind of book. Most definitely a romance, written in first person in a voice that's not necessarily engaging but the writing and the story are.

About midway when the romance starts to blossom, there's moments of such delight that all is forgotten because holy shit, that's just so cute and clever.

Carolyn bought us the How To Write Sex book by Diana Galbadon. That should be fun to read. Especially if it starts Caress your pen softly until it's pliant between your fingers. It should moan as you begin to write, its opalescent scribbles like nectar on the page.

Or maybe not.

Started job hunting. I decided since there's nowhere for me to go in my current situation and no way to make more money, it was time to seek out other opportunities. Kind of a good time to start looking because (this gets kind of bad), I did a chart audit at work of my medical record and found that my co-workers have been in my chart. I see a psychologist which means that my seriously personal shit has been read by people who have no right to ever read such things.

Of course it's a violation of HIPAA laws and my boss is taking it seriously. And I'm terrified to go to work today because I think some people might be getting reamed for this and there's going to be all sorts of Lori hate going on.

But I feel so violated. My therapy notes have been read by someone. Hell, I haven't even gone in to read my own therapy notes. This whole situation just feels so fucked up.

Anyway, I'm going to read about writing sex. I might even write some. Cause those who have gotten too old and have no chances of getting laid write it.

Geez. Life sucks.


  1. Oh lord,you posted while I was still opining on mine and now I don't know how to get mine down. I'm so sorry!

    DO NOT be terrified! You give as good as you get because what they did is INEXCUSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I mean all those exclamation points!) You are in the right and their ignorance is NO excuse!

    Okay, I'm all exaclamation pointed out. Enjoy the book and give us Old Farts some sex. For real. Next post will be Lori giving us sex, y'all.

    (((Hugs))) darlin'.

  2. I am so very sorry, Lori, and I certainly hope whomever the fuck has the stones to go snooping in your chart gets a serious come to Jeebus beat down. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

    Seriously, consider if you are entitled to some compensation for this violation--and, because I'm a suspicious bitch, you may want to see if it's possible the asshat who didn't give you the raise was one of the people snooping.

    I mean, it's not a large office, is it?

    All the hugs, Lori, and keep your chin up. THEY are the fuck ups, not you.

  3. What the ever loving hell? Wow.

    It beggars belief than in a profession that is all about confidentiality (doc/patient etc) that your arsehat co-workers would break that. There is no excuse at all for that shit and you SHOULD THE FUCK NOT feel terrified - they should.

    As AL has said, compensation, at the very least. It should be a fire-able offence. Yes, they looked and the may not do anything with what they learned but is that even the point?

    Like the other ladies, I'm so angry for you right now babe. It is def better you get out, if that's the kind of bullshittery crap that goes on. You don't need it.

    As to the sex, I'm with Carolyn - write us Old Farts some please :D And let met know about Diana's book. That first line is a killer lol

    HUGS sweet lady.

    PS - I can come up there and Aussie the shit out of 'em for ya, if you want. Free of charge ;)

  4. Well the boss took it seriously till the co-worker said "I never" and he said "okay" and that was the end of that. So now I have to screenshot the chart audit and show him that the "I never" is actually about 6 times she did and another 6 times another coworker did.

  5. Lori, I don't imagine you would relish the idea, but I truly think you should keep proof of all of these shenanigans--not just the screenshots, which I would most certainly back up somewhere, but also, write a detailed account of the sequence of events (from when you became aware of this), and then contact a lawyer.

    Going solely by a thirty second online search, these assholes could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars.

    Having that pathetic excuse for a boss dismiss it? Yeah, definitely time for big guns.

    Are there any medical malpractice (or whatever specialty) lawyers who work on contingency?

    Sending hugs, this is so upsetting!