Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Worst Book Ever?

This is such a DNF for me that I'm cursing my Kindle because I can't throw it on the floor, stomp the bejeezus out of it and then hide the remains in the cat's litter box.

So the book has a heroine who's an EMT but hates blood and could have gone to medical school but chose not to because others were more passionate about it and she didn't want to take their place. So she's a trained EMT who works admitting in a hospital (hey, I did that for 6 years!!) and her boss there gives green slips as write-ups (wha??) and says horrifically nasty things to her in front of co-workers and patients (sorry, bosses do it behind closed doors so they can't get in trouble).

Oh yeah, and the administrator who hangs out near the reception desk happens to be a cardiologist who apparently decided he'd rather make one-fifth the money and hit on the receptionist and ignore her co-worker who makes kissy sounds when he's hitting on her. Oh yeah, so realistic.

Then there's the phone call from the collection agency that threatens the heroine illegally and says if she doesn't pay her student loan (despite that they were deferred) says they'll foreclose on her parent's house (uh, again, the reality in this is NONEXISTENT!!!)

Oh wait: that wasn't the worst. The worst is how the book starts with the heroine and the hero meeting in the fucking boxing ring owned by the hero where they have illegal fights and later when he hurts himself and she examines him (cause she's an EMT, of course) she kisses his fucking boo-boo and starts to feel him up and then says it's because she's so empathetic.

I had to stop reading.

So I'm going to go firebomb Carolyn's house because she put this damned thing on my Kindle.

Damn you Carolyn, damn you!!!


  1. All these and you didn't even finish it...I shudder to imagine what other fuck ups are lurking in the rest of the book.

    Kidding aside: I hate when people just choose professions because they sound good and then never check to see whether what they want their characters to do is even remotely possible. Lazy as hell, and beyond annoying to readers.

  2. There's no need to get testy. I got it for the cover. ;-)

  3. Cover is hot, the story is not. Oh well...

    I wanna see Lori stamp on the Kindle and hide it in the kitty litter box. Now, that sounds like a more realistic and interesting story than this...