Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm sure you've noticed the cost of food is rising, all due to that nebulous 'cost of living' excuse. Have you also noticed the amount of food you get for the price you pay is significantly less?

I first noticed it with Ritz crackers. We'd bought a couple of boxes and we still had one box in the cupboard. The new boxes were significantly shorter. They'd cut the number of crackers in a stack, but of course the price didn't change.

Toilet paper. Much narrower. Somehow it doesn't work as well, or is that just me? I haven't checked before and after prices but you're definitely getting less even if it's for the same price.

Bacon. I liked to buy the Hormel bacon with 4 slices in a microwave bag. It cooks in the bag; it's not just a warm up. I would have sworn when I started buying it there were 5 bags, each with 4 slices. Now there's 4 bags. Then the price went up $2.00 and I stopped buying it. I mean, TWO DOLLARS? I like bacon but... no, just no. A shame because there was less mess and it made damn good sandwiches.

I'm sure there's loads of other examples, but these are the ones that pissed me off and made me post a rant, lol. If you can add some more, I'd be glad of it. Maybe there's other items I need to boycott.

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  1. I hear ya on this, for sure. Of course I can't name specifics for you as we're in diff countries but it happens here too, believe me.

    Things like bottles of stuff - milk, juice etc - all claiming to be 2 litres and it looks as though someone has taken the lid of and sculled a third. Or little sachets you use to make something up - rice, dessert, spices etc - and are supposed to 'feed 4-6'. Sure, if those people were the size of my dog and even then that's not small enough!

    The excuse we get for the price rise is that it costs extra to bring it across the country to us, given we are so far away. Bollocks! We are far away but charging us more, sometimes as much as twice as much, is just wrong.

    If I can find examples of something that you can buy here and there and it's dodgy I'll let you know.