Monday, February 24, 2014

Rage Inducing Read

Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

Recently I read a series by Addison Fox, the Alaska Nights, three novels and a novella that were cute. Well, the first two novels were cute with two New Yorkers transplanted to a small town in Alaska where the men were a nice alpha looking but beta acting mix and it was fun to read their romances.

But then came the third book. In this book there was the hero and heroine who grew up together and he was a terrific hockey player who was recruited by a New York team and left town to pursue fame, leaving his girlfriend behind too.

I wanted to murderize the hero and slap the shit out of the heroine. It was a classic have his cake and eat it too situation that pissed me off no end. Enough so that I DNF’d yet another book.

This was something similar in KA’s Kaleidoscope book with the hero having a girlfriend but he and the heroine were friends and had a deep emotional/intellectual connection that bypassed his relationship with his girlfriend.

So basically these stories have the heroes getting anything/everything they want from the heroines and then leaving and coming back and again, getting everything they want. In KA’s book, the hero was an asshole and the heroine deserved better. In Fox’s book it went deeper and worse and I had a growing rage when reading it.

The heroine, Avery, had an alcoholic mother and she was taking care of her all her life (she died maybe a couple of years before the hero returns). The hero, Roman is the hockey whiz who gets his big league contract and leaves Avery who he had a deep connection with and goes to New York for glory.

So how does Roman get to not be a douche nozzle?

He refused to make Avery choose between him and her mother because it would have caused her resentment ultimately.

Wow. So caring. So considerate. So full of douche nuggetry that I wanted to make this fictional character real so I could kick him in the nuts. Yeah, the rage was great.

Seems to me that Avery deserved to make the choice for herself. And maybe not spending her life taking care of her adult alcoholic mother and instead having her own life with more happiness and I dunno, less unhappiness that was none of her choice or fault?

Oh yeah, and of course the hero is losing his eyesight so that means that he’s going to lose his career so the reader knows right off the bat that he’s not choosing the heroine at all, he’s losing his career so he’ll come home and coach the kids and then the nice heroine who spent years nursing her mother can now nurse Hottie McHockeyPants.

To say I hated it would be an understatement. I wanted her to smack him in the face, get together with the hot young bartender who wanted her or go back to Ireland where there was someone who wanted her and stay away from a career in nursing those people who want to suck the marrow from her bones.

If the roles were reversed and the heroine came back after losing her career/sight and choosing the hero as a last resort she’d be called any number of names and people would tell him to set his sights higher.

God, I hated this book. I couldn’t get through it, the rage was so great.





  1. Such was the fact that I could feel your hatred all the way from here, I wanted the hero to be real too so that I could also kick him in the nuts. And I've not read hte book or heard of the author!

    But damn!

    Have noted books to read and stay away from...

  2. You forgot to rate the books ... ;-)